Greetings and Merry Meet


We are eclectic ,we come from many pathsYet we are one We are Witches,Priestesses,Mystics,Wiccans,Poets.We are women focused on the Goddess, so in some way s we are more Dianic in natureYet we do not through baby out with bath water and totally ignore the God We are women only 21 yrs of age and older


Our Purpose-To provide a place for those who wish to know and experience Hekate in a deeper way, to aid in the emperment of women, and a place of healing and magick This does not mean the Hekate must be your matron but must be opened to work with Her as well.

To provide an online coven sisterhood for those who desire it, who are unable to participate in a live coven at home In the coven you will experiencethe magick of ritual, meditation, knowldge shared, mutual support In the coven there is classes structured and non structered as well


Our Lineage-

Our lineage is rooted in Gardnerian and Alexandrian as our HPS / founding Mother has trained in both a coven and tradition wiith roots in both

Witchcraft- Yes we are Witches we connect with energy channel it for our good and loved ones.

We take our magick seriously and we are responsible with it knowing actions have consequences even in magick We use many forms of magick sympathetic, candle,herbal, natural, fairy, dragon magick and othrs Witchcraft differs from Wicca in that not all Wiccans call or liek the term witch for as soem have told me they do not do spells and feel no need to.Also in Witchcraft many witches like to keep simple feel no need for ritual casting of circles many work with the earth, herbs cast their spells and thats it. Witchcraft is not a religion, Wicca is a relativly new relgion birthed by Gerald B Gardner in 57.


Divination the art of gaing knowldge insight that is not natural given or known such as the future. There are many forms and many of us are family with several, tarot, oracles, scrying.

We are in a time of transition focusing on unity and developing classes ,relationships, sharing in know;dge practioces etc


We are drawn to the Dark Moon  The Crone Goddess we do not fear the darkness but embrace it as we all have a shadow self we must face. We each like Inanna must take our own journeys into the underwold of ourself and there be transformed The Dark Moon is  a time to walk betwen worlds to work on kwoing the self, transformations and purification and pre paring for new.

Although our coven is dedicated to Hekate sisters also work with other Goddesses as well and each has theor own matron. We are eclectic and we learn from one another as it should be.


If interested in our coven please contact us letting us know why your interested. The circle is  sacred to all circles and  one should be careful  whom one gets into circle with

You will be contact asap wiht a questionair as in live cone you would fill out  a questionair as we like to know a little about who  is entering Thank you

Contact Us

Contact Us

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